Life Transitions


Chronic pain, illness, grief, caring for others, or other life changes like divorce, retirement or menopause can make it difficult to experience a fulfilling life.  These kinds of changes can cause you to see yourself in a completely different light, as if you’re a different person or that your life is no longer your own.  When things come along that change what is familiar and life seems to take you in a different direction, you have to learn how to adapt to new circumstances.

You already have within you the ability to shift into a different state of mind, but you may need help to guide you through uncovering those inner resources.   A clinical counsellor can help you monitor your automatic thoughts and reactions so that you can create change from the inside.

You can examine the new circumstances of your life and begin to accept and integrate them by learning new ways to cope and move through those situations in a peaceful and balanced way.

How Do You Create a Meaningful Life in the Midst of Radical Changes?

Change brings about a shift in thinking, feelings and often lifestyle.Your mind can be relentless and create a lot of noise in your head. Clinical counselling may help you think more clearly about your responses to your situation.  With steady practice, your mind becomes more settled.When you reflect on yourself and your life in this way, you can look at your circumstances more objectively.With this awareness, and the support of your counselor, you develop tools to guide you through this time of change.

 This may mean dropping some things, finding new activities to replace what you can no longer do, finding ways to connect with people rather than being alone.  You learn how to create new structures for yourself that give shape to your circumstances.  The new circumstances become a way for you to grow and learn so that your regain a quality of life that satisfies you.

 To assist in your decision to find the right clinical counsellor we offer a free 15 minute time for you to come and meet with us to ask any questions that will support your decision to enter into therapy. Our integrated health clinic has two experienced clinical counsellor available to assist you or a family member. Clinical counselling provides the opportunity to discuss your situation and the difficulties that you may be experiencing. Our counsellors will listen to your concerns and work with the changes you would like to make in your life. Strategies for moving forward will be developed in a manner that works for you. Everyone is unique and change needs to take place in a way that is comfortable for the individual. Each counselling session will be one hour long. To book a free 15 minute meet and greet appointment with Laurie Moniz, RCC or Joyce Barwis, RCC call (250) 881-1806 today!!