Health Related Links

The following are Naturopathic and Health Related links that we would like to share with you:

Cosmetic and Sunscreen Safety


Healthy Cookbooks, Receipes and Nutrition

Gluten Free Restaurants and Dining

Vegetarian and Vegan Resources

  • Raising Vegetarian Children by Stepanick and Melinda
  • A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian by Krizmanic
  • The Teen Vegetarian's Cookbook by Krizmaic
  • Becoming Vegetarian by Melinda
  • Becoming Vegan by Melinda
  • The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
  • Physicians for Responsible Medicine

Naturopathic Associations

Natural Treatment Related Research

Other Healthcare Practitioners and Public Health

Fertility, Adoption and Perinatal Loss Resources

Environmental Medicine

Anxiety and Depression

  • NEED CRISIS Victoria (250) 386-6323 and Gulf Islands 1 (866) 386-6323
  • Youth Line 4pm-10pm daily 250-386-TALK
  • Suicidal Immediate Assistance: 911 or Royal Jubilee Hospital Emergency

Women's Health Resources

Sexual or Physical Abuse

Vaccinations (We support the BC Immunization Program and Schedule)


Orthopedic Recovery Support (select exercise only recommended by your practitioner)