The best compliment that you can give our practitioners is a testamonial or referral. We take pride in your health and we value our patients.

  • I am very happy with the care I have received from Dr. Montroy since first coming to the VI Clinic in Sept of 2013. I feel like she is actually interested in my health and helping me rather than just rushing me out like I've expereinced with  all other General practitioners. I truly appreciate finding this clinic. -E.T

  • When I first went to see Dr. Wong I was pretty much at rock bottom, malnourished and sick from a ongoing ulcerative colitis flare. Dr. Wong's professional and confident approach to the situation provided me with the tools and testing I needed to recover. The approach was scientific and focused on the areas that were lacking in my body. Improvement was fast. I am very thank ful. - J.M
  • I am a new patient and I am very impressed with the prompt, professional care that I have had here. Dr. Montroy always takes thorough time to review and treat my health problems. So happy I found you. -Anonymous

  • I love this place and have always been treated with compassion & respect. I find the care so individualized and all my needs have been met. They really care about their clinic in all their needs. The staff are incredible. A safe place to come to. -Anonymous

  • I am a patient of Sarah McEwan and want to say I find her to be a very positive and caring individual. My acupuncture treatments have been extremely beneficial and I would highly recommend Sarah. -VL

  • When I came to see Dr.Hitkari, I was so burned out and exhausted that I could barely function. Dr.Hitkari started me on HRT and Meyers injections. Now I feel good as new- some days, like a seventeen year old. -Anonymous

  • I have had the privilege of knowing Gillian for almost a decade. Our relationship started with her being my acupuncturist, and over the years, she has become my mentor. She is a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner who instills confidence from the very first moment you meet her. Her incredible knowledge base, kind, gentle and caring manner combined with her "realness" and incredible sense of humour ensures that her treatments are not only highly effective, but also relaxing and joyous. Gillian has helped me tremendously in correcting long standing health problems through both dietary changes and Acupuncture. I am more healthy, energized and balanced now, in my mid thirties, than at any other time in my life. After a few years of seeing Gillian on a regular basis, she inspired me to such an extent that I put my career on hold to Acupuncture. She has been instrumental in guiding me along the way, and I am honored to not only have an incredible healthcare practitioner in Gill, but also a trusted and knowledgeable mentor and and teacher. -M.D.

  • I am so grateful to have found Gillian Marsollier and I thank her for her knowledge, compassion, immense patience, genuine concern, warm personality and the ability to make one feel safe. My mind and body have never felt so in sync and happy. She has made me a true believer of the acupuncture world and opened my eyes to a simple health approach. Gillian's knowingness and amazing painless technique have removed the anxiety that once paralyzed me, strengthened my intuition to help me make better decisions, harmonized my organs and aided me in making peace with the past. Gillian is the best kept secret in town, once the word is out she will bring so much happiness to so many. -A.J

  • I have been under Dr. Jasmine Wong's capable care for over one year and I am so impressed with her knowledge, insight and her ability to accurately diagnose and treat the gastrointestinal issues I have been dealing with, where as my GP doesn't have a clue what to do with me, She is warm, caring, professsional and truely celebrates any health successes along with my journey back to good health. She also gave me a very relaxing acupuncture treatment! I highly recommend her to my family and friends. You will be in excellent hands with Dr. Wong. - M. B

  • Gillian will immediately put you at ease and help you through anything you need help getting through. Not only will she help you but I promise your appointments will be something to look forward to and to enjoy immensely. Not only will you feel better after the treatments – there is also a wonderful feeling of total relaxation that comes with it.Gillian helped me so much (when she worked in Dartmouth NS) to build up my adrenals after I suffered from adrenal fatigue for over a year. After a series of appointments, my energy came back and I can’t tell you what a wonderful feeling that was. In addition to adrenal fatigue she helped with many other issues, including hot flashes and hair loss to name a few. After my issues were under control, I was very fortunate to receive cosmetic acupuncture also and what a difference that makes! It is amazing. Cosmetic acupuncture is not a face lift but rather a gentle lifting of the face (according to Gillian…) and I don’t know how it works, I only know that it does. Gillian is a beautiful person inside and out and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Using her combination of skill, charm and wit and gentle touch, she will win you over. What are you waiting for? Gillian, please come back, I miss you so much (and I also need a facial tune-up!). - Anonymous

  • I came to Joyce struggling with the physical and mental after- effects of a car accident. She came well recommended and I now know why. Joyce sat as a kind and patient witness to my struggles, and lovingly guided me to my own inner strengths, while constantly and skill fully helping me to understand that what I was experiencing was normal for anyone who goes through a traumatic experience like I did. After about a year, my feet are back on the ground, and the relationship with my loving partner is back on track. Thank you Joyce - M

  • “After my session with Joyce my anxiety level decreased substantially and I felt calm and grounded. She is very knowledge and has years of experience in many fields. Also her caring yet professional and respectful manner was very comforting.” – LM

  • “While Joyce displays the utmost in professionalism, she has an amazing capacity to exhibit a compassionate and relatable demeanour making her clients feel comfortable and safe. Her holistic approach to treating the whole person provides for sustainable and lasting change. I have and will continue to send friends and family her way.” – K

  • Joyce's natural compassionate demeanour, holistic approach and her ability to help you move forward is a winning combination.' - KG

  • “I found my time with Joyce constructive and to the point. I appreciated her ability to cut to the point in a caring but honest way! She was able to help me see my thoughts from a different prospective. I appreciate it that we set to a number of seasons and were able to get to work quickly and constructively!” - Anonymous

  • Sarah is awesome! She has helped me with multiple issues, with great success. From now on she will be my first line of defense. A kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, attentive, and great listener . When I left left the office I took a wonderful sense of well being along with relief from my symptoms. Highly recommended! - KW

  • A young lady with a love of life, much integrity and one of those rare souls who not only does what she loves, Sarah truly cares! If you have not booked time with this talented acupuncturist, you're missing out! - P. L

  • "I saw my family physician shortly after only one session with Melissa, and my blood pressure had normalized. Pretty hard to argue with those results!" -Anonymous

  • "Before working with Melissa, I had terrible reflux after having anything with grains. After two sessions, I am now able to eat many things that I previously wouldn't dare to." -Anonymous
  • "I used to suffer from chronic constipation before I had a session with Melissa. I even have much more energy, I'm sleeping better, and have better concentration!" -Anonymous 

If you have been happy with any aspect of your care, please send us a "Testimonial" by email to clinic@islandnaturopathic.com providing us with a consent to post your testimonial on this webpage with your initials.