The following are Naturopathic and Health Related links that we would like to share with you:

Cosmetic and Sunscreen Safety

EWG Sunscreen Saftey Guide

Skin Deep Cosmetic Ingredient Guide


BC Cancer Agency self booking screening mammogram

Healthy Cookbooks, Receipes and Nutrition
The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook: Dairy, Egg and Gluten Free Receipes that taste good- available at our clinic
The Sensitive Pantry
Gluten Free Goddess
The Whole Gang: Gluten free
Environmental Working Group: Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen Shopping List

Gluten Free Restaurants and Dining
The Joint Pizzeria
Sante Gluten-Free Cafe
The Celiac Scene
Lure Restaurant @ Delta Ocean Pointe Resort
Origin Bakery

Vegetarian and Vegan Resources:
Raising Vegetarian Children by Stepanick and Melinda
A Teen\'s Guide to Going Vegetarian by Krizmanic
The Teen Vegetarian\'s Cookbook by Krizmaic
Becoming Vegetarian by Melinda
Becoming Vegan by Melinda
The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
Physicians for Responsible Medicine
PETA Recipes

Naturopathic Medical Schools

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine  
Bastyr University
National College of Naturopathic Medicine 
SouthWest College of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Associations
BC Naturopathic Association

Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Natural Treatment Related Research

Guide to Preservatives and Additives
Lifelabs: Receive copies of all your own lab work @
Gamma Dynacare
IGeneX Lyme Testing
Rocky Mountain Analytical
Doctor\'s Data

Other Healthcare Practitioners and Public Health
MD\'s Accepting New Patients
BC Nurses Line (24hrs): 1-866-215-4700
Victoria Public Health Units / Immunizations

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Resources:
Island Child Birth
Doulas of Victoria

Penny Simkin

Use of Baby Slings
Baby Language
Association of Perinatal Naturopathic Doctors
Kathryn Eagleheart Doula
Mother Risk
Mothering Touch
Camosun Prenatal Classes 
Prenatal Chiropractic: Dr. Misty Watson, DC (250) 652-9350
Dr. Jack Newman\'s Guide to Breastfeeding: Newman J. & Pitman T
Prenatal Massage Therapy: Vanessa Martell, RMT. Contact reception. 
Prenatal  / Couples Registered Clinical Counselling: Jody Watson, RCC Contact reception
Carol Arndt: Breast Pump Rental (250) 813-7370
Le Leche League: (250) 727 7384
Bellies and Bloom Maternity
UCBaby 3D Ultrasound

Pregnancy and Labour Books:
Ina May\'s Guide to Childbirth
The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin
The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: Ann Douglas

Children\'s Health Books:
Child\'s Best Shot -  Canadian Pediatric Association
Health Child Healthy Planet
The Vaccine Book- Dr. Sears
Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and Coping Challenges:
Pacific Postpartum Support Society
Perinatal Depression Framework for BC’s Health Authorities

Emily Prelevic, Registered Clinical Counsellor at our clinic
Coping with Depression During Pregnancy and Following the Birth
Traci McGee, Registered Clinical Counsellor (250) 885-6760

Maternity Providers:

Midwifery Care in Victoria
Cook St Midwives (250) 386-4116 (Downtown)
Western Communities Midwives (250) 589-3417 (Western Communities)
Dandelion Midwifery (250) 590-7770
Victoria Midwifery : Deb Little and Luba Lyons Richardson (250) 381-1977 (Downtown)
Access Midwifery (250) 380-6329 (Tillicum/Gorge)
Westcoast Midwives (250) 384-5940 (Tillicum Gorge)
Midwives Collective (250) 590-7605 (Downtown)
Deanna Wildeman (250) 592-5407 (James Bay)
Birthways Midwifery: Angela Scharer (250) 384-9062 (Downtown)
Sooke Midwifery (778) 425-0780 (Sooke)
Midwives Association of BC

Maternity Physicians
Dr. Fast and Dr. Leggatt (250) 727-9664
Dr. Jones (250) 727-2663
Dr. McLeod (250) 727-6336
Dr. Ng (250) 386-2449
Dr. Gough (250) 383-3311
Dr. Matthews (250) 721-1188
Dr. Doyle (250) 592-4131
Dr. Nielson (250) 592-2219
Dr. Rosenberg (250) 478- 8776
Dr. Green (250) 592-4710
Dr. Ferg (250) 598-5158
Dr. Michel (250) 652-9227
Dr. VanderLinden/Dr. Spratt (250) 475-2251 * and Lactation Consultant
Dr. Grant (250) 592-3220

Fertility, Adoption and Perinatal Loss Resources:
Victoria Fertility Clinic

Sue Dumais Yoga for Fertility
Jody Watson, Registered Clinical Cousellor
Jennifer Vining, Registered Clinical Counsellor focusing in Fertility
Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society
American Society for Reproductive Medicine 
Multiple Births Association
Infertility Awareness Association of Canada
Infertility Support Group
Fertility and Cancer
Choices Adoption Agency
Empty Arms Support for Miscarriage / Pregnancy Loss

Royal Oak Burial Ground: Little Spirits Garden
Olive Fertility Clinic

Enviromental Medicine:
Good Food Box
Enviromental Working Group: Healthy Cosmetics
Healthy Seafood and Fish Selection

Environmental Defense: Heavy Metal Hazard

WHO: Persistent Organic Pollutants: Impact on Children\'s Health

Anxiety and Depression:
NEED CRISIS Victoria (250) 386-6323 and Gulf Islands 1 (866) 386-6323
Youth Line 4pm-10pm daily 250-386-TALK
Suicidal Immediate Assistance: 911 or Royal Jubilee Hospital Emergency
Registered Clinical Counsellors at our clinic: Emily Prelevic & Joyce Barwis

Children\'s Health Resources:
Behavior Assessments
Ministry of Child and Youth Mental Health: (250) 387-9749
Child Abuse Prevention
Ledger House Victoria
Queen Alexandra Centre: Behavioral Assessments
Book: Canada\'s Baby Care Book - Canadian Pediatric Association

Women\'s Health Resources
Book: Women\'s Bodies, Women\'s Wisdom - Dr. Christine Northrup, MD
Book: Mother\'s and Daughters - Dr. Christine Northrup, MD
Book: The Wisdom of Menopause -  Dr. Christine Northrup, MD
Book: The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women\'s Health - Dr.Dharam Kaur, ND
Book: Women\'s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine - Dr. Tori Hudson, ND
Victoria Women\'s Clinic
The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada
Sexuality and You

Sexual or Physical Abuse:
Registered Clinical Counsellors at our clinic: Emily Prelevic & Joyce Barwis
Child Abuse Prevention

Women\'s Transition House
Women\'s Sexual Assault Centre
Mary Manning Centre

Counselling for Abusive Men


Life Ring Online Sobriety Support:
Pet Healthcare/Veterinary Services:
Royal Oak Pet Clinic